Friday, September 4, 2015

Five on Friday [It's September]

I can hardly believe how quickly summer flew by!  We're looking forward to a long weekend of rest and relaxation here.  Here's this week's Five on Friday:

We're soaking in the last bit of summer and have been enjoying watermelon and feta salad all week.  Yum!

After making 126 tassels last week, my mind has been spinning with all the tassel creations I plan on doing over the winter.  They really are pretty easy to whip up!

Ready or not, Fall is just around the corner.  I did a little fall inventory and looked to Pinterest for a little inspiration.

I'm so very lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.  Bear with me, this will be long, but worth it.  One of my school kiddos and I this week were having a conversation in which he asked if he should pray (for a specific reason, not just in general).  We talked a bit more, then he looked at the young man next to him and said, "Let's pray."  The young man responded with something along the lines of not being very good at it.  The response was, 'It doesn't matter what you say.  God knows what's in your heart.  Besides, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.  NOW BOW YOUR HEAD.'  It was a bit overwhelming to witness and filled my heart with such love and joy.


Wishing y'all wonderful weekends!!

Happy Friday!

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