Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DIY: Watermelon Basket

When sweet neighbor J mentioned he was hosting a backyard wedding brunch in honor of his daughter and new son-in-law I immediately knew I wanted to contribute.  He is the kindest, most wonderful neighbor and it would be terrific to finally be able to do something for him, just as he does for everyone else.  After some scheming with the bride we decided on a watermelon fruit basket and a coffee cake.

Over the years I've made many a baskets and have tried many approaches, but this one is my favorite.  Sadly, though I searched high and low for a big watermelon, all I could find were the little ones.  (Big watermelon: the kind we had growing up, when we'd put them in front of the air conditioner so they would be really cold, and then Daddy would cut them for dessert and we'd all get a quarter. then he'd remind us not to swallow the seed, or we'd grow a watermelon in our stomachs....but, I digress.)

So, here's my approach:

Scalloped Watermelon Fruit Basket

  • watermelon (kind of a given), choose one with a flat side, that will lay evenly
  • sharp paring knife
  • dry erase marker
  • shot glass
  • Determine how you want the watermelon to lay, based on flat side and any markings on the skin.
  • Trace the arc of the shot glass around the horizontal middle of the melon.

  • Trace both arcs of the shot glass down the vertical center of the melon, just until it meets the horizontal line in order to make the handle of the basket.
  • I have found it is easiest to cut the large chunks of the melon in between the handle and the top of the basket out first.  

  • Then cut around the marks to make the scalloped edges.

  • Using a melon baller remove the fruit from the melon.  
  • Make sure to remove excess liquid from basket.  
  • With a damp cloth remove any remaining marks from the dry erase marker.
  • Refill with fruit of your choice.  This time I used cantaloupe, kiwi, and blackberries in addition to the watermelon.

Happy DIYing!

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