Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Bucket List

The weather here has cooled slightly, the leaves are just starting to turn, and the calendar will officially say Fall this week.  Over the weekend I set out some fall decorations and put up this season's bucket list.  I made it first, and then realized I wasn't sure where I was intended on hanging it (fail).  However, all worked out, as I ended up hanging in the kitchen and hanging the bucket from the pot rack.  The whole thing came together easily, and will simply serve as a reminder to do the little things that make the change of seasons fun and special. 

I printed out cards on yellow paper with the items on our list.  I tried to choose different fonts that I felt were reflective of the item.  I mounted the yellow cards on orange and taped to brown burlap ribbon. The seasonal stickers were a find in the dollar bin at good 'ole Tar-get.  I also used painters tape to attach to the wall...easy up, and no damage when it comes down. The bows are attached with the same tape.

Our Fall Bucket List includes....but is not limited to.....
* Cook a Gumbo *Bat Cave Porch *Girls' Day While Men Hunt *Donate Canned Goods *Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese *A "Leaves are Turning" Boat Ride *Hot Chocolate under the Stars *Oktoberfest *Halloween Wreath *Carve a Pumpkin *Give Thanks *Roast Pumpkin Seeds *Rake Leaves *Perfect the PSL *Plant Bulbs *Watch Football *Picnic by the Fire *Apple Cider Pancakes *Carmel Apples *Wash Windows *Decorate for Fall might be saying to yourself, "Wash Windows???"  I agree.  Not so much fun or special.  I'm hoping that putting it on the list will serve two purposes, that it will get finished and that maybe I won't do it so begrudgingly :). 

Happy Fall, Y'all!

On a serious sidenote there are a few bloggers whom I follow that are having some tests and procedures performed this morning.  Just want them to know my thoughts and prayers are with them, and I'm wishing them the speediest of recoveries!

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