Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Pumpkin

Yesterday I shared my monogram pumpkin with y'all.  Today, I'm back with another little simple pumpkin goody.....a chalkboard pumpkin.

I started with another pumpkin from the same package and also painted it pumpkin orange.  I debated and debated on how to add the chalkboard center without the mess of having to paint it.  Inspiration struck in the gift bag aisle....chalkboard tags.  They were about the perfect size and all I'd have to do is glue them on....sold!  I cut off the end with the hole, rounded the corners so they would match, and used craft glue to attach to the center of the pumpkin.  I added a burlap bow to fill in the pumpkin's hole and add some cuteness.  Voila.  A simple DIY chalkboard pumpkin. 

Happy Fall Y'all!

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