Friday, September 12, 2014

Dancing Makes the Soul Happy (Especially Greek Dancing!)

I love to dance....any kind of dancing, but especially traditional Greek dancing.  I have danced at church since I was a little girl.  Luckily my church has an adult dance group that I joined a couple years ago.  Our instructor was a member of a professional performance group in Greece and he is kind enough to instruct the group once a week.  It's the highlight of my week. 

We have learned dances from the different Greek regions and have performed at various festivals around Central Indiana. 

Pontic Regional Dances and Costumes

Tonight we performed at St. George Antiochian Church's festival.  Their church held service with my own while their new church was being built, and as a result we formed a special friendship with their parish.  This was the first festival in their new location, and it is spectacularly beautiful. 


The festival continues tomorrow.  You can find all the pertinent information here.  Be sure to peek inside the church to see the iconography while you are there.  It is stunning!

Happy Dancing!

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