Sunday, June 8, 2014

What's Not Going to be for Dinner Again? [Cheesy Pesto Chicken Thighs]

Well friends, I had planned for this post to be a recipe for Cheesy Pesto Chicken Thighs that I originally found on Pinterest.  I mean, it sounds great, right??  And it's wrapped in prosciutto, which should make it even better.  Ummmm.....not so much.  It ended up being a greasy, salty mess.  This is the second recipe using pesto that I've made that has been a flop.  And since I still have part of my Costco size jar of pesto left, I'm turning this post into a plea for help.....Anyone have any yummy recipes using pesto?? I'd be grateful if you'd share!  Thanks!!

P.S.  At least now you know I'm not going to post a recipe we don't really love :)

Happy Cooking!

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