Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sip and Shop Sunday [New Year's Resolutions]

Happy Sunday!  Just like everyone else, I'm sure, two of my resolutions for the new year are eating healthier and getting more exercise.  This week's sipping and shopping were chosen with those resolutions in mind.

Lately I've been sipping spinach smoothies.  So yummy.  I promise, you'll never taste the spinach.  I've been mixing it up by replacing the berries with the frozen cherry mix from Costco. 

I'm shopping (or shopped, if I'm being honest) for fitness trackers.
Yesterday was 67 degrees here in Indy.  67!!!  That's unheard of in these parts. (Just to put it in perspective the average high is 33.)   I strolled around the neighborhood enjoying the sunshine on my face.  When my Garmin indicated that I had met my step goal I decided it was time to share my new favorite toy with you.

Santa brought me the Garmin Vivosmart HR and I'm absolutely loving it!  To compare, I had been using the Fitbit Flex until it quit working properly not long after I got it (possibly because I wore it in the pool a few times).  Before jumping right in with another one, I did a bit of research and am so glad that I did.

Like the Flex the Garmin tracks steps and sleep.  However, it also tracks and records your heart rate, stairs, and individual workouts, too, all of which sync with their app.  Additionally, it operates as a smart watch, with text message and email alerts.  What actually led me to the Garmin in the first place though is that it's waterproof.  I've been doing a lot in the pool lately, which the Flex was unable to track as it can't get wet.  I haven't noticed any difference in it's ability to track either the heart rate or steps (strokes) in the water.  In fact, Hubby liked it so much he got one for himself, too!

Happy Sipping and Shopping!


  1. The smoothie sounds yummy. I need to get back to making mine. Such a no brainer breakfast.

  2. I just got the Fitbit Alta and like it so far. Hopefully, it will last! This newer fitbit also shows texts and calls, although not emails. It is so motivating to keep track of steps. It's rewarding when you hit your goal. If you don't, you know to work a little harder the next day. My husband's company has us wear them to encourage fitness. Their studies have shown that it is worth the money to buy the fitbits and get more people moving in order to reduce health costs. Have a great week!

  3. I love that your Garmin is waterproof. I'm always worried about my Fitbit getting wet. And you should share how you make your smoothie. I've tried making 3 and they were sooo gross so I quit trying.

  4. i just discovered that i can't eat spinach anymore! it gives me stomach cramps which is a shame because i LOVE spinach and it's so healthy for you :(


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