Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Round 2!

Y'all....I have a problem.....as I've scrolled through my blog feed this week I found many so more wish lists for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Let me tell you, y'all have great taste!  As I read each list my own wish list just kept growing.  So, here we are with wish list #2.  I just can't help myself....too many good items at such great prices.  So, here we go.....

Quilted Vest with Faux Suede Trim
This quilted vest is just too darling.  It really is the perfect Fall staple and is so versatile.  Normally I would be drawn to the blue, but the olive green is calling my name.


 While we're at it, could this quilted jacket be any cuter??  I really love the big collar and curved hem. ....not to mention that it's $70 off!!!

This cardigan screams cuddle up in me.  You need to check out the "rust abode heather" color.  Just trust me on this one -  so very pretty!

Another perfect staple that comes in a wide variety of colors (seven to be exact), and the price is hard to beat.  So many ways to dress these up or down, they're the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The hooded version is pretty cute, too!


While this dress might not look like much (or maybe it's just this particular color??)  I can see it transitioning from season to season paired with sandals, ballet flats, leggings, a blanket scarf...the sky's the limit.

About the only thing that keeps popping up time and time again that I just can't seem to get into is the booties.  I can't even put my finger on why, but they just don't make me swoon.  (Especially the peep toe ones -- if it's cold enough to wear boots, shouldn't your toes be covered?)  What am I missing?  Enlighten me, please!!  I want to love them, maybe I'm just being dense :)??

Can't wait to hear more about what's on your wish list (although I'm thinking Hubby would rather I not, haha!)

Happy Shopping!
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  1. Great picks! I just put that dress in my cart to wear with my open toe booties! They make sense to me since we only get about 5 minutes of winter down here in the south, it's better than wearing regular open toe year round!

    1. See...I knew I was being dense :). It's always so cold here and I hate wearing shoes, so anytime it's remotely warm enough I definitely don't want to be in boots. But, if I lived where it's always warm the boots would be a fun change. Thank for stopping by!


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