Friday, July 22, 2016

Five on Friday [7.22.16]

It's Friday!!!  Woohoo!!!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  Tomorrow I'm taking off for Texas to visit Bestie MHDRL, meet her newest little one, and snuggle her little man (who's also my best little buddy).  I. just. can't. wait.  So, without further ado, here's this week's five:

Earlier this week I shared my wish list for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Then, after reading others' wish lists, I couldn't resist making a second.  It's terrible, I know.....

Sweet C's Whimsea Fizz is like summer in a cup.  So. very. yummy.

I don't know how we've gone all summer without making these Nutella popsicles.   Finally whipped some up last night.


 Bestie KB and I had a wonderful evening at Mama Carolla's, a local Italian restaurant.  If you live in Indy you need to check out the Chow Down Midtown menus.  It's going on through the 24th.  Most importantly, my evening with her was so very good for the soul!

School starts the first week of August, and I'm trying to decide how to ditch the lanyard.  I have to wear one with my ID and electronic key card, but would rather figure something else out. I've found some darling badge reels on Etsy (think pink and monogrammed) but don't know how that would work with outfits that don't have a waistband (or leggings with long tunics).  Any suggestions??

Retractable ID Badge Reel - Personalized Gray and Coral Chevron Monogram Reel Badge ID - Nurse Badge Reel - 0197
Wishing y'all terrific weekends!! Today I'm linking up with:


  1. I always wore a lanyard teaching but my friend wore a badge reel and I envied it on days my lanyard didn't match my outfit (haha)!

  2. I sometimes put my badge reel on my colar or my necklace if I am wearing a dress. Not ideal, but still works.

  3. I could seriously go for a Popsicle right about now - it's so hot here it's unreal! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I am going to try that Grapefruit spritzer!! YUMMY! I have always had really bad experiences with the badge reel. However I always seem to attract children with some sort of sensory disorder, who find these irresistible (to play with).

  5. Nutella popsicles? Yum!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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