Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday [9.30.16]

Happy Friday!!!  Fall Break begins this afternoon and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. (And I hope to actually get some posts written next week, too!  Thanks for being patient with me!)  Let's just get straight to this week's five:

Bestie KP and I have a lake getaway planned next week....cocktails, an evening boat cruise, and some spa treatments are in our future.  I was like a little kid on Christmas Eve last night and was so excited I couldn't fall asleep.

I've been swooning over this vest all week. Now that the weather has turned crisper it's becoming even harder to resist, especially since it's on sale.

Have you seen #deletetofeed on Instagram?  Delete a food picture from your account and meals are donated to those in need.  Click this link for more info.  (P.S. You can follow me here :)!)

One of our sweet girls made this darling picture of our class.  She's incredibly talented.  If you only knew these kiddos....she captured their personalities perfectly!

Hubby surprised me with a "new" vacuum the other day, a vintage Electrolux.  I've been campaigning for a canister vacuum for quite some time.  While this one might be older than I am, it works beautifully, much better than any newer vacuum we've owned.

A little extra today as this just came across my Facebook feed and made me giggle (note the caption).  I follow Trudeau's Twitter to practice my French.  If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't even on Twitter (and he might be the only one I follow) until someone told me I needed to follow him...because he posts in French, of course.

Wishing y'all terrific weekends!! 
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  1. Enjoy your break. Thanks for sharing about #deletetofeed. As you know, I have a lot of food pics on Insta!!

  2. Ah I wish I was going on a spa weekend - that sounds amazing! Stopping over from the linkup - hope you can hop over to my blog as well! Have fun!


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