Monday, September 11, 2017

Look for the Helpers

Just like most Americans, I remember exactly where I was on this day all those years ago.  I had actually just returned from a visit to New York for the US Open, but was at school that day.  We watched the horror on the small tv in the teachers' lounge.  While we didn't say much to the kids that day, we talked a lot in the days following.  We assured them of their safety, we gave a lot of love, and we followed Mr. Roger's lead, telling them to look for the helpers.

As our country braces for another natural disaster today, we are once again reminded to look for the helpers.  (Although this, of course, is a completely different kind of horror.)  There were so very many selfless helpers that day, just as there has been recently in Texas, and just as I'm sure there will be in Florida in the days to come.  So as we watch the memorials and relive the devastation, don't forget to look for the helpers.

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