Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Five [2.3.17]

Oh my goodness, what a week!!  I had all sorts of posts planned for the week, but then....

Hubby brought home this cutie on Sunday.  According to Hubby, "he just jumped right in my car".  Sure, Honey.  Let's just say we've had many a conversations about the whole thing.  He's sweet as can be, and although he's stayed with us this week, he will not be staying permanently.  Our old man Stan just isn't having it.

In the madness that was our mornings with cute little pup I forgot my Yeti not just once, but twice this week.  I knew that I loved it, but was reminded just how much.  It really does work and it really is worth the money.  (I added a little vinyl monogram from Etsy to make it even better.)

Our punter for the Colts announced his retirement this week.  I realize for most teams this probably isn't that big of a deal, but McAfee is simply the best both on and off the field.  (And with our team he's certainly kicked A LOT of punts these last couple years.)  From making huge tackles to paying electric bills for those in need, we will miss him, but are thrilled he will be staying in Indy!

One of my kiddos shares Bible verses from her lunchbox everyday.  If things in the lunchroom are particularly hectic and I don't have the opportunity to read them during duty she leaves them for me as a surprise for later.  Once I opened my Ipad cover and there it was.  This week she left it under my cup.  (Although she mentioned it was confusing because it wasn't my normal cup, but the IU made her think it was mine.  HA!) Such a little bright spot during the day.

I know Hubby's real motive for bringing home a new friend (or trying to at least) is that our pup is aging quickly.  This quote came to mind.

Wishing y'all a wonderful weekend!  
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  1. I love that that sweet students mom puts a bible verse on her snack. That is AWESOME! Have a great weekend and don't forget your Yeti😉

  2. Ohh I'm loving your student and the sharing of the bible verses :-) Happy SUnday!

  3. Love that cute pup, and forgetting your Yeti is NOT GOOD! Have a great Sunday!

  4. That new pup is so sweet! That quote brings tears to my eyes thinking about my bulldog...they are so wonderful :)


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