Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips

Now, I certainly don't profess to be a terrific's actually quite the opposite.  Cleaning is just not my thing.  I like a clean home, but I'd be perfectly happy if someone else would make it sparkle for me.  However, this past weekend Hubby and knocked out some spring cleaning and I learned a few new tricks.  You might already know them, but I was pretty tickled to discover them for myself.

The first thing we do it put on some tunes, open the doors, and, although Hubby doesn't know it, set a timer.  Giving myself a certain allotted amount of time ensures that I don't get sidetracked as easily and gives me the feeling that there's an end in sight.....Now, here are a couple other little tips.

The Lint Roller
Everybody's got one (or at least everyone who has a pup in the home...) but have you used them to clean lampshades and speakers???  Works like a charm!  Both items look like new and all it took was a few swipes with the lint roller. (Now that I know that I might have to get a package of 5. Haha.)

The Squeegee
If you do have the above mentioned pup, you know how difficult it can be to keep rugs clean.  Hubby and I are lucky to have a couple lovely antique rugs and our vacuums (yes, plural, ugh) just don't get the job done.  However, go over the rug with the squeegee and watch the hair comes off like a breeze.  I'm warning you though, you might be horrified.

Bona Hardwood Cleaner
We tried this cleaner for the first time over the weekend and for our floors and we're sold!  Daddy first told me about this brand and has been successfully using them in his 100+ year old home.  You simply spray it on the floor and go over it with a Swiffer.  Voila, clean, bright floors.  Ours look terrific!!  (Now, I have to say I've scoured reviews and realize not everyone is happy with their results.  From what  can tell the issue seems to be those that are unhappy seem to have laminate hardwoods, not real. Even Hubby was really happy with this product and the results -- and he's not always easy to please.)

Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle Multi-Surface Spray
Traditional cleaners give me a terrible headache and Hubby doesn't like the smell when I use vinegar (not to mention that he's kind of close-minded and thinks things don't get clean...).  Anywho, we've found the perfect compromise with Mrs. Meyers Honeysuckle.  And it's perfect for spring cleaning as it brings the smell of spring right into your home.  I'll be getting the concentrate from here on out.

What are your tips and tricks??  I'm dying to hear your favorite methods....anything to make our happy little hive shine and sparkle!

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. We use lint rollers for tons of things. I learned a trick, I think from Thrifty Decor Chick, use rubber gloves to remove pet hair. Swipe across, sofa, pillows, etc. Works like a charm!!
    I normally use unscented cleaners, especially when our daughter who gets migraines lived at home, but do love fun scents for spring cleaning. I gave the girl's each Mrs. Meyer's Peony hand soap in their Easter baskets and they loved the smell.
    The biggest tip I learned is using liquid dish detergent such as Cascade and a scrubby sponge to remove soap scum from shower doors. It REALLY works!!
    We've used Bona before. Our floor guy recommended it. We use Bruce's floor cleaner on our upstairs wood flooring as it is real wood but pre-finished. It works well on both types.


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